Conference Programme

Day 1 - 18 February 2019


 - Registration and Exhibition Viewing


  • Opening Session 
    Welcome to Trenchless Middle East 2019
    Presenter: Paul Harwood, Managing Director, Westrade

  • 1.1 Capabilities in Rock Drilling and pipeline trenchless installations with the new Vermeer D40x55DR S3 Navigator® HDD and D130X150S Navigator® HDD
    Presenter: Renzo Chirulli, Vermeer Middle EMEA, The Netherlands

  • 1.2 Ras Al Khaimah Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation
    Presenters: Faiz Alelweet, International Aramoon Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia

  • 1.3 Technologies from Germany
    Presenter: Jens Hoelterhoff, GSTT, Germany


 - Buffet Lunch and Exhibition Viewing


  • 2.1 CCTV and Fell Assessment experience in the Gulf Region
    Presenters: Abdul Qadir Malik, RAK Wastewater Agency and Chuck Hansen, Electroscan Inc., USA

  • 2.2 Setting the standard for high speed cleaning to enable pipeline rehabilitation without water
    Presenter: Richard Swan, Picote Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom

  • 2.3 State of the Art in Video Inspection and Cutting
    Presenter: Babette Ney, Ibak GmbH, Germany


 - Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


  • 3.1 Pipeline Rehabilitation Update
    Presenter: Dr Dec Downey, Trenchless Opportunities Ltd and Past ISTT Chairman, United Kingdom

  • 3.2 Meeting the challenges of Pipe rehabilitation through spiral wound linings (SPR)
    Presenter: Sean Lim, Sekisui Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

  • 3.3 Assessment and Rehabilitation of sewers and manholes in the City of Toronto
    Presenters: Ghassan Saket and Romano Del Tin, ME Andrews and Associates, Toronto, Canada

  • 3.4 International Design Standards for CIPP liner and other applications in the GCC Region
    Presenter: Tom Sangster, Downley Consultants, Abu Dhabi

  • 3.5 Advanced CIPP Lining - Training and Design to meet local conditions
    Presenter: Borje Persson, BKP Berolina, Germany


 - Drinks Reception and Exhibition Viewing 


Day 2 - 19 February 2019


 - Keynote Address: Transport Systems and the future of transport, ticketless, frictionless and sustainable, how new transport systems are shaping the future of transport. 

Presenter: Dr Sabih Khisaf FICE, CEng, Head of Engineering MENA Region, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies


  • 4.1 Subsurface Utility Investigation Update
    Presenter: Prof Samuel Ariaratnam, Arizona State University, USA, Past ISTT Chairman

  • 4.2 Advanced GPR Applications
    Presenter: Colin Tickle, Blue Hat Services Middle East, Dubai

  • 4.3 Virtual Reality Training for HDD Tracking
    Presenter: Ehteshamul Haque, Digital Control Inc., India


 - Buffet Lunch and Exhibition Viewing
14:00  - SESSION 5
  • 5.1 Latest Achievements in Microtunnelling: progress by experience and innovation
    Presenter: Uwe Breig Herrenknecht AG, Germany

  • 5.2 Experiences with keyhole HDD
    Presenter: Roger Wahl, Tracto-Technik UK Ltd, United Kingdom

  • 5.3 Developments from India by Apollo Techno International FZCO, India
    Presenter: Dr Dec Downey, Trenchless Opportunities Ltd and Past ISTT Chairman, United Kingdom


 - Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


  • 6.1: Trenchless Applications for Kwik Zip Spacers and centralisers
    Presenter: Girish Gupta, KwikZip, UAE

  • 6.2: Case Studies for Cleaning, Inspection and Rehabilitation in Jeddah North Obhur District
    Presenter: Hamza Ali Hasan, International Aramoon Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia

  • 6.3: Fold and Form PVC Liners for Sewer and Culvert Rehabilitation
    Presenter: David Ohayon, IPEX USA LLC


 - Additional Workshops
(90 minute lunchtime classroom) sessions

 Student Education Programme

  • Session 1: Introdruction to Trenchless Technology, New Installation including Geotechnical Investigation, Pipe Bursting, HDD, Auger Boring, Pipe Ramming
    Samuel Ariaratnam - Arizona State University, Past Chairman ISTT

  • Session 2: Microtunnelling, Pipe Condition Assessment, Pipeline Rehabilitation including Spray Lining, CIPP, Fold and Form, Close Fit Lining and Spiral Wound Lining
    Dr Declan Downey - Trenchless Opportunities Ltd, Past Chairman ISTT


 - Conference & Exhibition Close

The organisers reserve the right to amend the programme or substitute speakers at any time if necessary.

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